The barrels

    Are really important changes that affected the wines in its period of repose in the cask. Most of wines are made in stainless steel tanks for a better control of fermentation and hygiene, using the wooden barrels for various purposes: wine taste acquires new qualities, presenting a better clarity and stability.

    From an aromatic point of view new nuances appear. During storage in casks or barrels, the wine undergoes an important oxygenation because the wood does not completely isolate from the air. The color red loses its vivacity initial and moves towards a less intense red, more orange, recalling the red-tile. In white wines, the pale yellow color will become a more golden yellow. The taste of red wines becomes more intense, with more body and structure, seeking a balance with the aromas of aging.

    Once the period of aging in barrels, the wine must remain in the bottle for his maturation. The penetration of air into the glass is practically zero, aging takes place in reductive atmosphere, which is inverse to oxidation, leading to stability and development in wines, both aromatic and taste, pursuing a balance in all the sensations.