The Factory

    The wine industry of La Mancha, in the last decade has undergone a substantial transformation in relation to techniques for growing grapes, as well as in winemaking. This has been possible due to the opening of the economy, the enrichment of knowledge and technological advance that has had access.

    Today it is able to develop top quality wines, which allows the exportation, reaching a market segment that a decade ago was unimaginable scope, which gives an overview of important growth nationally and internationally.

    With the opening economy is possible to have access to technology that was previously inaccessible, which is closely tied to make preparations of fine wines, drawing on the development of wine knowledge in a very efficient and productive way (eg the incorporation of refrigeration equipment, stainless steel tanks, filters, vacuum, positive displacement pumps, use of inert gases, development of special wine, and bottling equipment division and exploitation of biotechnology).