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Amsterdam will welcome the World Bulk Wine Exhibition, the first worldwide meeting dedicated to bulk wine buyers and sellers

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

The event, promoted by Spanish entrepreneurs, will be held on 9 and 10 November at the RAI Elicium Conference and Convention Centre

Spanish entrepreneurs have committed to the creation of a new business space for wine at one of the most important sites of world trade, the Dutch city of Amsterdam, on 9 and 10 November 2009 at the RAI Elicium, the most important conference and exhibition centre in Holland.

The World Bulk Wine Exhibition, which is the ‘First World Encounter of Bulk Wine Buyers’, arose from the need to provide a meeting point for the most important bulk wine buyers in the world, until now non-existent, which will let them learn about and maximise supply needs, at an especially important time for the sector in the present day.

The World Bulk Wine Exhibition is starting up with a vision of continuity and the plan is for it to be held every year. The first trade fair will take place in November 2009 in Amsterdam, a European city selected for its strategic importance in trade and ideal for an encounter that is called to change the system of the bulk wine business in the future.

The objective of the World Bulk Wine Exhibition is to become an international reference for professionals in the high-quality bulk wine business. Due to this, it is particularly oriented towards the participation of the largest bulk wine producers in the world, including: Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Argentina, Chile, Morocco, China, India, Russia, Vietnam, Korea, Thailand, Africa, etc. (to name but a few). To this end, there is a specialised department in charge of locating and attracting practically all of the large operators in this trade, including those responsible for buying in emerging countries such as China, India and Russia, as well as traditional buyers hailing from France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Holland and the Czech Republic.

A necessary meeting

Since the outset, the 1st World Encounter of Bulk Wine Buyers has had the support of the principal authorities and experts in this area, as shown by the words of Rafael del Rey, general director of the Spanish Observatory on the Wine Market, for who ‘it is now, at a time of so many difficulties that we are experiencing in the present day, when it is even more essential to have initiatives like the World Bulk Wine Exhibition, aimed at strengthening and improving a sector with so many possibilities such as the bulk wine sector’. In turn, José Luis Murcia, a member of the International Federation of Wine Journalists and Writers, was also very clear in this respect: “If the World Bulk Wine Exhibition did not exist, we would have to invent it’.

An extensive and meaningful professional trade fair

The exhibition is planned in order to offer the maximum convenience and benefits to the participating cellars and to bulk wine buyers arriving from around the world. Each exhibitor will have a pre-defined space available that they can personalise through specific advertising materials. For the correct presentation and tasting of wines in this space, all necessary materials will be on hand.

The World Bulk Wine Exhibition will also offer a tasting room, the Silent Tasting Room, where potential buyers can taste, at will and without interference, the bulk wines presented by each of the participating cellars. The trade fair will also provide a business point, available to buyers and sellers that thus require it.

Another of the great attractions of this trade fair is the holding of the cycle ‘Bulk Wine and its Market: a Commitment to the Future’ with which some of the most renowned experts will be brought together who have the most to say about bulk wine within the overall wine sector.

Source: World Bulk Wine Exhibition